Types of Tickets

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A full el Gordo ticket is divided into 10 smaller tickets (called "décimos") but all 10 have the same play number. A player can purchase 1 to 10 "décimos", 10 "décimos" being a full ticket. If your number hits, each "décimo" pays out prize money.

If you buy 8 "decimos" (of a possible 10 "décimos" on the full ticket) & your number hits a prize let's say the equivalent of 1,000,000 USD, your share of the prize would be $800,000 USD. The other person (or people) with the other 2 "décimos" from your ticket would win the other $200,000 USD. 

Tons of Ways to Play

Our website is unique in that, unlike all the other online el Gordo sites, we allow you to play...

a) At our full price of the tickets (40 Euros/"décimo") and keep all the possible winnings for yourself...


b) Play at our reduced cost, our cost - (23 Euros/"décimo") and share 25% of your winnings with us.

Once you choose a playing option a or b, you can play in any one of the following 3 ways: 


1) Play a full  ticket (10 "décimos") if your number hits, you collect 100% of the prize. You win on all 10 "décimos".

2) Play 1 - 9 "décimos" (1/10th of a ticket) from 1 full ticket with the same play number. If your number hits, you collect a  percentage of the prize, depending on the number of "décimos" you have played.

3) Play 1-9  "décimos", each from a diff. full ticket with different play numbers. same as 2) above but you have a better chance of winning since you are playing multiple numbers. However you also decrease your possible prize money.


Winning Payments

70% of all money invested in el Gordo are paid back to players in cash winnings. compared to a much lower 45% paid out by U.S. and other European Lottos.  Cash prizes are also paid out in a single lump-sum.

All prizes over 2,500 Euros are subject to a 20% tax from the Spanish government. All prizes 2,500 Euros or less are free from Spanish Government taxes. You may also have to pay taxes to your home govt. if you receive the money there.