How to Play - step by step

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Step 1) Download or open our PlayForm at . (.pdf format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader available for free at

Step 2) Read completely the instructions on the PlayForm.

Step 3) Fill in the PlayForm PREFERABLY WITH YOUR COMPUTER WHILE IT IS OPEN ON YOUR MONITOR SCREEN and NOT IN YOUR HANDWRITING after printing it as we often have trouble reading people's handwriting. Below next to the image of the PlayForm we have provided explanations of the varios fields.


1) Check the box to the left of the draw you wish to participate in. If you wish to participate in more than one draw then you will need to fill in multiple PlayForms, one for each draw.

2) Check the box of the play method you prefer. NOTE: with the FULLplay method, the cost of the ticket is higher (40 Euros)  but if your ticket/s win you get 100% of the prize. With the SHAREplay method, the ticket cost is lower (23 Euros) but if your ticket/s win, we get 25% of your winnings and you get 75%.

3) Type into the corresponding boxes the number of tickets you want. NOTE: as stated in section "C", a FULL ticket is 10 décimos or in other words, ten 1/10th tickets and costs 400 Euros in FULLplay or 230 Euros in SHAREplay.

If you wish to have the tickets sent to you before the draw (available on FULLplay method only and NOT recommended), check that box.

4) Fill in your personal information.

5) Check the appropriate boxes and fill in your financial information.

Step 4) Print the PlayForm.

Step 5) Sign the PlayForm.




BEFORE DECEMBER 15th for the Christmas Draw and BEFORE DECEMBER 31st for the El Niño DRAW scan the play form OR if you don't have access to a scanner, take a VERY HIGH QUALITY photograph of it and e-mail the PlayForm to us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



- We will contact you within 2 BUSINESS DAYS (Mon.-Fri.) and confirm receipt of the PlayForm and give you the total cost of your tickets (in Euros) and ask you to confirm you wish to proceed with the purchase. If we do not confirm receipt of the PlayForm within 2 BUSINESS DAYS (Mon.-Fri.) then plase e-mail us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  as something may have gone wrong. 

- Once you have approve the transaction and confirm you wish to continue, we will charge your credit card for the full amt. of the tickets (in Euros) and any extras (courier shipping to you) you may have requested. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR BANK BEFORE THIS HAPPENS TO MAKE SURE THE TRANSACTION WILL BE AUTHORIZED.
NOTE: the charge will appear on your credit card statement as "SPAINSIM. OST. FIXGEAR" so you know what to look for.

- We will scan and e-mail you your ticket scan or a high resolution photo of the tickets.
- On the day of the draw/s, after the draws you can check your own tickets and see if they have won a prize. We will provide a system to check the numbers on our website and official FACEBOOK PAGE. We will however notify all winners (or even if you did not win) within a few days of the draw/s.

- If you have not won a prize, you can request for us to mail the losing tickets to you (free of charge) at the postal address you choose to keep as a souvenir.

If you have won a prize, we will collect the prize on your behalf and pay put to you via the method you prefer OR, if the prize is not large, you can opt to roll the prize money over and play a future draw with us in which case we will hold the funds and put them towards future tickets.


NOTE ON PAYOUTS: ALL PRIZES UNDER 2,500 Euros (two thousand five hundred) are Spanish TAX-FREE. PRIZES 2,500 (two thousand five hundred) Euros or larger WILL BE TAXED 20% BY THE SPANISH GOVT. ON ALL PRIZES any other possible taxes may be applied when they are sent to you by your home govt. when you receive the winnings. We pay out the full amount less the 20% Spanish Treasury Tax but cannot be held accountable for your home-country taxes