el Niño January 6th Draw

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* Draw date: January 6th. 

* Play deadline (send PlayForm in by): December 31st.

* Total prize pool: 840,000,000 Euros.

* Max. prize per décimo played: 200,000 Euros.

* Max. prize per full ticket: 2,000,000 Euros.



Started in 1942, this draw coincides with the Epiphany (visit from the 3 wise men) on January 6th and is dedicated to children ("niños" in Spanish). THe draw takes place at the "Teatro Falla" in Cádiz with a system of multiple drums that guarantee a total of 22,687 prizes totaling 840 million Euros.


Prize Breakdown.

• 1 FIRST PRIZE of 2,000,000 Euros known as «El Gordo del Niño» (200,000 Euros per décimo).
• 1 SECOND PRIZE of 1,000,000 Euros (100,000 Euros per décimo).


• prizes of 1,000 Euros for the ticket numbers sharing the last 3 digits of the first prize (100 Euros per décimo).
• prizes of 400 Euros for the ticket numbers sharing the last 2 digits of the first prize (40 Euros per décimo).
• "reintegros" (coincide with the last number of the first prize, el Gordo) of 200 Euros (20 Euros per décimo).

Types of tickets available.


1) Play a full  ticket (10 "décimos") if your number hits, you collect 100% of the prize. You win on all 10 "décimos".

2) Play 1 - 9 "décimos" (1/10th of a ticket) from 1 full ticket with the same play number. If your number hits, you collect a  percentage of the prize, depending on the number of "décimos" you have played.

3) Play 1-9  "décimos", each from a diff. full ticket with different play numbers. same as 2) above but you have a better chance of winning since you are playing multiple numbers. However you also decrease your possible prize money.

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