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Christmas el Gordo December 22nd Draw

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* Draw date: December 22nd. 

* Play deadline (send PlayForm in by): December 15th.

* Total prize pool: 3,520,000,000 Euros (more than 3.5 BILLION Euros).

* Max. prize per décimo played: 400,000 Euros.

* Max. prize per full ticket: 4,000,000 Euros.




Dating as far back as 1812, this is the FAT one and is where is all started. The biggest lottery in the world, over 3.5 BILLION Euros in prize money given out each year on December 22nd. The Christmas el Gordo draw is the most popular of the Spanish lotteries and gives back a mind-boggling 70% of the money it it brings in.

The draw takes place on the morning of December 22nd and the winning wooden balls (each with a 5 digit number on them) are extracted from the tumbler drums traditionally by the students of the San Idelfonso school in Madrid, Spain. There exist 100,000 ticket numbers 00000 through 99999. The draw takes hours and always has Spaniards glued to their TV sets, on the edge of their seats with tickets in hand hoping to win a prize. A total of 1,807 small numbered wooden balls are placed into one huge tumbler drum and in the other drum are the wooden balls with the prize amts. printed on them. Numbers and prize amts. are extracted simultaneously to see what numbers win which prizes.


Prize Breakdown.

• 1 FIRST PRIZE of 4,000,000 Euros known as «El Gordo» (400,000 Euros per décimo).
• 1 SECOND PRIZE of 1,250,000 Euros (125,000 Euros per décimo).
• 1 THIRD PRIZE of 500,000 Euros (50,000 Euros per décimo).
• 2 FOURTH PRIZES of 200,000 Euros (20,000 Euros per décimo).
• 8 FIFTH PRIZES of 60,000 Euros (6,000 Euros per décimo).
• 1,794 smaller prizes of 1,000 euros called «Pedrea» prizes (100 Euros per décimo).


• 2 prizes of 20,000 Euros for the ticket numbers before and after the first prize (2,000 Euros per décimo).
• 2 prizes of 12,500 Euros for the ticket numbers before and after the second prize (1,250 Euros per décimo).
• 2 prizes of 9,600 Euros for the ticket numbers before and after the third prize (960 Euros per décimo).
• 297 prizes of 1,000 Euros for the hundreds (first 3 digits) of the first, second and third prizes (100 Euros per décimo).
• 198 prizes of 1,000 Euros for the hundreds (first 3 digits) of the fourth prizes (100 Euros per décimo).
• 2,997 prizes of 1,000 Euros for all tickets who's last 2 digits coincide with those of the first, second or third prizes (100 Euros per décimo).
• 9,999 "reintegros" (coincide with the last number of the first prize, el Gordo) of 200 Euros (20 Euros per décimo).

This makes a total of 15,304 prizes (9,999 "reintegros" + 5,305 larger prizes).

Types of tickets available.


1) Play a full  ticket (10 "décimos") if your number hits, you collect 100% of the prize. You win on all 10 "décimos".

2) Play 1 - 9 "décimos" (1/10th of a ticket) from 1 full ticket with the same play number. If your number hits, you collect a  percentage of the prize, depending on the number of "décimos" you have played.

3) Play 1-9  "décimos", each from a diff. full ticket with different play numbers. same as 2) above but you have a better chance of winning since you are playing multiple numbers. However you also decrease your possible prize money.

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