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Please note that by purchasing "el Gordo" tickets via our website you agree to ALL conditions set forth on this page.


For all intense purposes, throughout this entire website...

· "we" or "us" refers to "Jeremy Sean Reines" and "".
· "player" or "players" refers to "you" (the purchaser).


I - General conditions.


1) Players:

a) All players must be at least 18 years of age.

b) Players can be from ANY COUTRY in the world.


2) Player payment(s):

a) All payments made by the player are accepted online in good faith,  are made via credit card or via direct deposit or bank wire into our bank account(s) and are non-refundable.

b) If paid by credit card, the player(s) can only be the same person as appears on the credit card(s) used to purchase the "el Gordo" ticket(s). We will only consider the player to be the person who's credit card is used for payment.

c) Under normal circumstances, the player will receive a confirmation e-mail within 72 hours of placing his/her order.


3) Tickets:

a) Although player(s) lotto numbers are e-mailed to them along with a digital image of their "el Gordo" tickets, the player(s) original tickets will be held by us in a secure location (safe) until after the drawing(s). In our opinion, it is too dangerous to mail a lottery ticket so this is our default policy. *There exists the option to have the player's tickets couriered to the player before the draw but the player takes FULL responsibility for tickets lost in the mail.


*OPTIONAL - Receiving your tickets before the draw.

You may choose to have your actual original ticket sent to you before the draw but, due to the possible value of the tickets if they win, we do not recommend this. This option is only available with our "full play" (100% of the winnings for you, less any applicable taxes) method. In order to to have the tickets shipped to you, you need to pay for the desired shipping method by adding it to your cart at some point prior to checkout. Shipping options are available near page bottom on the same exact page where you purchase the "full play" tickets.


b) For those who choose to have us hold their tickets until the drawing, we will collect any and all player(s) prizes and then pay the player(s) their corresponding prize(s). 


c) For those who choose to have their tickets sent to them pre-draw, the collection of any and all prizes is entirely up to them (the player).


4) Prizes:

a) In the event that the player should win a cash prize, said prize will ONLY be paid out to the credit card holder of the credit card that was used to purchase the "el Gordo" ticket(s) by making payment via our secure online server. This avoids fraud (people using a stolen credit card to purchase the tickets).

b) All prizes are paid out via certified bank check in the name of the credit card holder of the credit card that was used to purchase the "el Gordo" ticket(s). There also exists the option for the winner to come pick up their prize in cash in Madrid,  Spain if the prize is substantial and the winner prefers to pick it up in person. In the event that the winner wishes to pick up their prize in person, they will have to show their passport or other form of valid ID AND the credit card they used to purchase the tickets. 

TAXES: All prizes over 2,500 Euros are subject to a 20% tax from the Spanish government. All prizes 2,500 Euros or less are free from Spanish Government taxes. You may also have to pay taxes to your home govt. if you receive the money there.



II - Specific conditions.


1) SHAREplay method:

a) All players who purchase "el Gordo" tickets via the SHAREplay method agree that by paying less for the "el Gordo" ticket(s), they are agreeing to  share 25% of their total winnings with us. 


2) FULLplay method:

a) All players who purchase "el Gordo" tickets via the FULLplay method agree that by paying full price on the "el Gordo" ticket(s), 100% of their total winnings will be paid out to them (less any applicable taxes).