• Christmas el Gordo December 22nd Draw

  • el Niño January 6th Draw

Ready to play the Spanish el Gordo and/or el Niño lotteries? It's easy to play and almost as easy to win. GET YOUR PLAYFORM HERE! (adobe .pdf format will open in new window. Please read instructions on the playform before filling it out).

About theFATone.com

theFATone.com is a place to play the popular Spanish Gordo lotteries. After having played the Spanish el Gordo lottery for many many years ourselves, we decided to open up the biggest lottery in the world to the rest of the world and set up theFATone.com to allow people from other countries to participate in this world reknowned lottery that is famed for being the only lottery that gives back nearly everything it takes in. Now that's the true lottery spirit!!!

el Gordo is the "fattest" lottery draw in the world.  The drawing takes place twice a year, in July and December in Madrid, Spain. El Niño is the "children's lottery" and takes place once a year on January 6th.
The purpose of this website is to offer you the chance to take part in the most exciting lotto draws on earth. We are unique in that while other websites that allow you to play online and charge you a 200-400% markup on the cost of a ticket, we offer you the chance to buy your tickets AT COST! Via thefatone.com you can either play at the reduced price or at our full price.
el Gordo is not your average lottery and is played a bit differently from other lotto games. On this website we explain how it all works.

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December 22nd - Christmas el Gordo Draw  January 6th - el Niño Draw  

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